Muslin Backdrop Studio Softbox Light Barndoor Kit


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MFR Code: 1760SKB-BD Britek
This is a Studio Flash Light Kit. The flash lights produce 1760 watts of power and provides an optimal light temperature of 5600k simulating sunlight. This flash light kit is suitable for a 21”x21” studio. If you want the best photographs, the Flash Light kit is perfect. It’s extremely easy to set up. Just plug in and play! By using this kit, you will definitely see a huge increase in the quality of your photos.
Code  1760SKB-BD   Qty. Total
1760SKB-BD Muslin Backdrop Studio Softbox Light Barndoor Kit  
3608 HS-2000 Strobe Light 440w/s 4 $935.96 
NP3310 Britek LT-NP3310 10' Photo Light Stand 3 $104.97 
A4095B Heavy Duty A4095B Boom Stand 1 $109.99 
3024 44''High Reflecting White Photo Umbrella 2 $33.98 
3428 24"x24"Softbox for HS, PS Series 1 $35.99 
3627 Barndoor for HS600 140mm Series Strobe Light 1 $17.99 
3173 Carrying Case For PS, HS Series 1 $49.99 
3610 140mm Reflector for HS, PS Series Strobe Light 4 $35.96 
Kit Discount 1 $-161.82 
Subtotal: $1163.01
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